Kibaale Community Development

Pacific Academy Outreach Society is committed to not only assist children but also provide help for the greater community. Over the years a number of projects have been undertaken often with the support of various relief agencies. These have included a program to construct pit latrines and the distribution of seedlings for the growing of cash crops. Currently the community development program focuses on three areas: Agriculture, Health, and Loans

All of these programs depend upon special donations to operate (check the special projects section for projects needing funding)

The Kibaale farm project not only provides food for the schools, but allows students to learn good farming practices. Currently the Kibaale Community Center has nearly 250 acres available. Crops such as pineapples, corn, cooking bananas, beans and potatoes are being produced with surpluses being sold or given in aid to the community. A small head of cattle and a flock of chickens are maintained by the primary school. From time to time teaching demonstrations are arranged for the local families to learn good practices.

The clinic at Kibaale organizes, in cooperation with the District Medical Officer, child immunization programs in villages within 15 km of Kibaale. Every two weeks a team goes out into the bush for a day to immunize. The clinic also provides instruction in the community on pre- and post natal care. (see clinic page)

Kibaale Community Center makes small loans available for the projects aimed at establishing viable businesses to provide a source of income for families. Funds are only made available to widows and usually to small groups of women. Loans are usually in the range of $50 - $250 and must be repaid within the year. A small amount of interest is charged. The program has been very successful and the repayment rate is running above 95%.

Projects funded include:

  • Equipping of a small restaurant
  • Planting of cash crops, usually coffee or vegetables
  • Purchase of chickens or goats for breeding and sale
  • Capital for a fish purchasing - resale business 
  • Purchasing a sewing machine to start a dressmaking operation
  • An example of a success story is the group of four widows who initially borrowed $50 to plant a plot of tomatoes to sell at the local markets. The loan was repaid in a few months. They then borrowed $150 to expand the crop and purchase baskets for display. This amount was also paid back in five months. Their third loan was for $200 to allow them to grow other vegetables. This has been paid back and the lives of four families have been greatly improved.